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Brændegårdshaven is an old atrium rebuilt as an amusement park. The amusement park has everything your heart desires when it comes to amusements, a big water park, rowboats, an aerial runway, a climbing park, mini golf, a zoo - basically you will not have an issue spending your time here.


In a nature-rich area you can find a soccer field measuring 2 hectares with 18 holes - here you play footgolf. What is footgolf? In footgolf you have a field with different obstacles. In short you have to get a football through the 18 obstacles, and the one who uses the least kicks wins. Footgolf is like mini golf - the difference is that you kick a football instead of using a golf ball and a golf club.


Mountainbike: We will have a guided tour in one of the many forests on Bornholm. The forest both has steep ramps, and big rocks you have to navigate around. We make sure the mountain biking level will fit the entire group going - however there will be enough challenges for everyone.

Price: 100 DKK


See Bornholm from a side you normally do not see. After thorough instructions on how to sail a kayak, you will come on a trip sailing besides Bornholm’s tall cliffs. Expect to be impressed from the beginning and throughout, when you sail near the cliff. 

Price: 100 DKK


In an old quarry you will get a thorough instruction on how to rappel. After the instructions it is your turn to rappel down the cliff and get all the way to the ground. It takes courage to descend from a cliff that is at least 30 metre, with only a thin rope carrying you.

Price: 100 DKK


In the old quarry you will be standing at the bottom looking at a smooth cliff. After the instruction you will go to the cliff. Will you be able to find the small cracks and bumps that will get you to the top of the cliff?  

Price: 100 DKK


What does a farmer do during a normal day? You will try milking a cow, mixing forage, feeding the cows, cleaning the stables and maybe you will be lucky enough to see a cow about to calve.


What else does a farmer do during a work day? Piglets have to be removed from their mother. They need iron supplements, need to be sorted - maybe some piglets need another week with their mother, slaughter pigs have to be weighed and new breeding pigs have to be bought.


BornPark is the biggest mini golf course in Northern Europe. 18 holes are shaped as some of Bornholm’s beautiful nature- and cultural attractions. It is a fun and educational experience.


Is there any difference between birds of prey? In case there is, what is the difference? Get close to the big griffon vulture weighing 8 kilos and with a wingspan of 2,5 metre, or see the aplomado falcon with a small weight of 200 grams. See the exciting performance with the birds flying. Feel the rush as the kestrel flies few cm from your head, and see how it uses levitation created by you merely standing in the wind.


Come see a group of islands located at the very eastern part of Denmark. Christiansø and Frederiksø are old fortress islands very important to the privateers during the battles of the English Civil Wars. The Englishmen were so upset with the privateers who operated from Christiansø, that they chose to bomb the islands. Come see the islands and feel the historic rush, enjoy the newly renovated “Store Tårn” (Big Tower) which is also used as an art exhibition.

Price: 100 DKK


Watch Bornholm’s beautiful east coast from the ocean. It is an incredible sight with the vertical cliffs rising 30 - 40 metre from the water, and the green trees growing close to the water. While you wait for the boat to arrive, there is time to take a trip around Gudhjem which offers different exciting things. Visit the ice cream store at the harbour and have an Apollo-13 - a 50 cm long ice cream cone with 1,5 kg soft serve ice cream, three chocolate covered marshmallows and a regular soft serve ice cream on top. Can you beat the record? (it has been eaten in 3 minutes and 41 seconds - enjoy!). If you are not fond of big ice creams, Gudhjem has more to offer: Karamel Kompagniet, candy factories and the Ole Høst museum. If homemade ice cream is your cup of tea you will find a small ice cream store in the Northern part of town. Gudhjem also offers several different crafts - not to forget smoked herring.


Most people are able to finish the two green courses. However, some people might have to adjust to the height being 2 - 6 metre. The obstacles are not difficult in a technical manner - however they might sway a bit. If your balance is good, the course will feel easier. You will also notice how your entire body will be warmed up by going over, under and through the obstacles. Do not worry - you will have time to rest on the aerial runway.

Price: 100 DKK


Visit the Natural History Museum and learn about Bornholm’s history, development and watch dinosaur footprints that stem from Bornholm. Next, the trip goes to one of the most beautiful valleys on Bornholm, Ekkodalen. Practice the art of echo, and experience how you will get a cliff to reply to you.


Allinge is a true city of merchants with different small boutiques selling clothes, art and food. In Tekniske Samling you will see different collections of pens, cups, tractors etc. You will find an old powerhouse which is turned on a couple of time a day, a SAAB F-35 Draken plane from the Danish Army, and the remains of the plane crashing outside Bornholm’s airport September 2012.  


Hammershus is the largest castle ruin in Northern Europe. It offers an amazing nature experience in historic surroundings. The newly awarded Welcome Centre from 2018 also offers a nice description of Hammershus and the ruin. From Hammershus you will be able to walk to Moseløkken Quarry Museum. Here you will learn even more about how a quarry works on Bornholm, and the different types of granite. If you want an even longer walk, you will find different marked hiking paths around Hammersknuden.  


Svaneke is the smallest market town in Denmark. You will find many different crafts - you can even try sandblasting. If you like ice cream, you will find special and rare ice cream varieties in Bornholm’s dairy store. 


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