To attend the camp the required age is 14 years or above - it means that your birth year should be 2005 or earlier. 


Of course, you are also a member of 4H in your home country.

Danish Participants Signing Up:

Danish participants sign up via 4H’s member system at

Other Participants Signing Up:


All registration will have to go through your local country. 


We will send invitation to these countries

4H in Norway

4H in Sweden

4H in Finland

4H in Finland-Sweden

4H in Estonia

4H in Latvia

An email will be sent with the invoice, to each country for both participation fees and activities with self-payment.


The local countries will have to fill out a excel sheet (this will be handled by your 4H coordinator, this excel sheet, can be downloaded here) 

All countries/fylker should have at least one leader for every 15 participant - these leaders participate for free.


All other leaders have to pay the full participation fee.




​When you sign up for NL2019, you must choose some activities, for Tuesday and Thursday. Please select two activities for each day and priorities it in priority 1 and priority 2. But again, you will only attend one of them each day!

The earlier you register, you will have a bigger chance to be on the activity you want to!

Please be aware on that Some activities have self-payment


General info:

All registered participants receive an email with practical info (incl. Package list) when the camp is approaching.

Register before May 31st, 2019 and the price will be 2500, - DKK. without transport to Bornholm

If you register late and after June 1st, 2019 the price rises to 3000.- DKK. without transport to Bornholm

Registration is binding. If you change your mind about your registration, we do not refund the participation fee.


In case you get ill you will have to submit a medical certificate.

4H is active spare time for all engaged children and young people with an interest in nature, food and animals. 4H gives you community through practical and creative activities.


Contact info

T: +45 87 40 50 00


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