Want to Become a Volunteer?

The Steering group has been planning the Nordic 4H Camp 2019 for a couple of years.
Each Steering group has a subcommittee they are in charge of. In each of these subcommittees there are already different people. If you want to contribute to one of our committees please use the contact form below, you can write an email to formand@4h.dk or contact the people in charge of the committee you want to volunteer in.


The second option is to help during camp. Much help is needed from volunteers to all different kinds of tasks. For example: cleaning up, helping during meals and cleaning up after meals, arranging food, making sure the camp is in order, working night shifts, helping at activities and all sorts of tasks - in short - there are both small as well as bigger tasks for everyone to help with.


It is not required that you have any specific qualifications, we will help with your training.


What can we offer you ?
  • A campsite in the helping area for three days, if you help 8 hours a day for 3 days

  • A campsite in the helping area for the entire week if you help at least 8 hours a day for 5 days

  • If you are not living on Bornholm we cover the cheapest travel option to Bornholm

  • A NL2019 shirt and vest

  • A great experience that you will never forget

  • A great community and a lot of new friends

Tilmeld dig som frivillig
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Hvilke dage kan du hjælpe?

4H is active spare time for all engaged children and young people with an interest in nature, food and animals. 4H gives you community through practical and creative activities.


Contact info

T: +45 87 40 50 00

E: formand@4h.dk

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